During my trip home last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find that downtown Gastonia if filling with new life! Links to my favorite places are below.
  • Lily’s Italian Bistro just opened and I was blown away by their Salmon and Crab cakes and their Pasta E Fagioli knocked my socks off!
  • Curt Butler was my art teacher in middle and high school before he quit to explore his own work. He has been hugely successful as an artist and as an instructor in his own beautiful studio.
  • The Hive is the best place in town for paper and gifts. Merryman just got a new foil printer and is taking orders for custom stationary! Check it out!
  • Life of Pie is a wonderful new pizza restaurant in the heart of downtown. It’s right next door to a cute hair salon called Running With Scissors.
  • Cake Me Away is a tiny bakery right down town. I fell in love with their Key Lime Pie Cupcake and their Lemon Cheesecake Bar! It’s just the place to grab something for your sweet tooth!

Check out Visit Downtown Gastonia for upcoming events and news.

Life of Pie
Cake Me Away Bakery


Over the past year I have accummulated five pairs of Steve Madden’s Stecy Sandals. They go with everything and are the perfect wedding shoe! I have seen the original Stuart Weitzman version up close and there is very little difference. The big difference is the price! The Steve Madden version is about $335.00 less than the Stuart Weitzman version. Don’t break the bank! Get the Stecy instead.
Black Smooth

Blush Patent
White Snake

Discontinued Gold


Over this past weekend I was able to stop in my friend’s store in downtown Gastonia, NC called the Hive. Merryman has created a wonderful creative space where artists can go to share their work. She has been working with a group to revitalize downtown Gastonia, NC and it’s working! Go check out her store and the other new attractions downtown!
A view of the counter.
The Hive is right next to the old Smith Drug Store (behind the tree.)
Incredible carvings for sale.
Merryman took basket bee hives and had them made into lighting
Paper mounted sculptures.
The Hive carries Smathers & Branson! I picked up a new key fob while I was in the store. 


J.Crew is offering an additional 50%-75% off sale items with the code YAYSALE. I see the word sale and just can’t help myself. I picked up three new items, two of which will carry me into the fall. Details are below.

Tipped Twill Jacket originally $178.00 | I paid $34.99
Petite Floral Block-Print Tunic With Gold Tape originally $69.50 | I paid $24.99

Merino-Cotton Tunic Sweater originally $89.50 | I paid $19.99


Over the weekend I hit a great sale at Tally Ho Clothier! Right now their summer clearance is 75% off and there are so many beautiful things available in store. My mother was with me and we helped each other exercise restraint in our spending. I walked away with two great tops for a total of only $62.98! My mother picked up a few tops as well. We left plenty of goodies for everyone else so stop in while the sale lasts!

Kate Spade Cotton Jersey Lace-Up Top originally $158.00 | I paid $39.50
525 America V Neck Boxy Sweater originally $75.00 | I paid $19.50


I am sorry to hit you with another movie post so soon, but I just saw this movie tonight and want to get the word out. This movie was a total snooze. I was expecting more adventure and more intrigue. This movie lacked both. It was the sad tale of an old man loosing his memory and suffering from old age. They took a beloved figure of fiction and made us feel badly for him.

I will not even bother to summarize this movie for you. The story is weak and… just don’t spend money on it.


During New Years Eve celebrations, friends from work told me about a program called Movie Pass where you pay $30.00 a month and you can see unlimited movies in the theater. They send you a prepaid card in the mail that you load by selecting the movie you wish to see using an app on your phone. This sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me so I signed up that very night and then completely forgot about it. A few weeks later I received the card in the mail.

The Movie Pass program has turned out to be a bit more of a commitment than I anticipated. Since movie tickets are about $10.00 these days, I have to see at least 3 movies a month to get my moneys worth. Before I registered for Movie Pass I was going to about 3 movies a year. This is quite a change. I didn’t think I would be able to keep it up so I called and tried to cancel. It turns out that I am locked in to paying $30.00 every month for a year. Thats $360.00 a year! They were going to charge me a few months worth of service to cancel early which I though was ridiculous so I kept it. I have turned this program into a challenge to see how many movies I can see each month.

I have seen so many movies this year and I have really enjoyed it. I go to a theater that has reclining chairs and I keep a blanket in the trunk of my car that I take into the theater. I have quite the set up. The people who work at the theater know me now. It’s fun! Just this week I have seen the new Minions movie and Trainwreck. I was the only person in the theater that day who went to see Minions solo. I didn’t mind, but I got a few strange looks. I took a friend with me to see Trainwreck and we laughed so hard. They were both really great. I would recommend seeing them both.

Stay tuned for more posts about new movies!