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Welcome to my blog! I’m going to keep this first post simple.

About the title:
I consider myself to be a pretty good bargain hunter. I almost never pay retail for anything and I always take advantage of the best sales. Up until now I have been sharing information about sales via email and text message to my friends and family, but would like to share my sale insights more broadly.

What you can expect to see:


For some time now I have found myself drawn to the topics of home furnishings and fashion and the platforms that allow us to share ideas related to those topics. Through this blog I will explore those topics and share my own musings as well as any deals I find.
If you would like to take a peek at the types of things you will likely see on this blog, check out my Pinterest page. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time “Pinning” on that site over the past 4-5 years so take a look.

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