I took a trip to Ulta today and for the first time I came out with the only thing I went in for. That’s not to say I wasn’t tempted! I have a full makeup bag right now and I figured I would share my latest purchase with you as well as my go-to products.
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  • FOUNDATION: I recently switched to LORAC foundation after using Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation since it came out. I’m so glad I switched! The LORAC foundation gives me the coverage I need, but it is also so light! Fin fact: LORAC is Carol spelled backwards, named for creator Carol Shaw.
  • BLUSH: I jumped on the bandwagon with NARS’ orgasm blush and have been using it for years. I have enjoyed, but am looking to switch things up when my current pallet runs out. I’m taking suggestions!
  • MASCARA: I recently took a break from Benefit’s mascara when I ran out and had to buy a substitute in a pinch. I have been using Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash Mascara and it works well, but it’s certainly no replacement! I had been switching mascaras every time I ran out before I discovered Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. It’s seriously the best!

  • POWDER: Before I tried LORAC’s foundation, I became hooked on their powder. Like the foundation, it is so light and provides just the right amount of coverage without making my makeup look cakey. It’s really great.

  • EYE SHADOW: My neighbor is an excellent gift giver. She always gives my sister and me a goodie bag from Ulta and now I am hooked on this pallet. It has been 7 months since I started using this pallet and I haven’t reached the bottom of a single shade. I have really enjoyed it! (Thanks Kay!)

  • EYE LINER: I took a hint from a magazine and tried this eyeliner a few years back. I have been using it ever since! It goes on smooth and stays in place. (It’s cheap too!)

  • HIGHLIGHTER: This is another goodie that came in a Christmas goodie bag from my neighbor. I love this stuff!

  • BRONZER: I have tried many different bronzers over the years and just happened to pick this up while waiting in line to check out at Ulta. (By now you have figured out that I spend too much time in Ulta.) It’s great and so inexpensive! My mother now uses it too!

  • CONCEALER: I ought to buy this stuff in bulk! I go through it like crazy. It’s a great light concealer that provides great coverage.


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