Last week we had visitors in the office so I threw together a couple flower arrangements to brighten things up. Usually we have a local florist handle the arrangements, but this time I did them. For these arrangements I purchased the flowers (many of them on sale) from the local Kroger. I have found that the flowers I buy at the grocery store last just as long as those from the farmers market. Whole Foods is my favorite place to buy flowers for small arrangements, but for large arrangements/orders Sam’s Club does bulk orders! I pick up all of my ribbon from If It’s Paper. The supplies for the two arrangements below only cost about $60.00. A florist would have charged that much for just one!

To be honest, I am not a big fan of formal arrangements. I usually end up taking them apart and rearranging them. (Sorry to anyone who has ever sent me flowers!) I believe I was spoiled by the fact that my mother always kept fresh flowers in the house when I was growing up and they usually came from our yard or from the side of the road. She always put out fresh flowers when we were expecting guests and I often helped arrange them.She still does this, but now I think it is more to keep my father’s wild garden in check than for her own enjoyment. By garden I mean front yard. Every time I visit their house it looks like The Secret Garden before the children cleaned it up. It’s quite a sight! We never know what, or where, plants will emerge come spring. The photos below are just a sampling of the things found in their yard. Not pictured are my father’s tomatoes, persimmons, figs, nectarines, tulips, and who knows what else is currently lurking below the surface.

I have much more to share regarding flowers and gardening. Stay tuned for future posts!


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