Every decade or so my mother changes the setting of her wedding ring. Before the most recent change, her ring was a tall three prong ring. Though she enjoyed that ring, the prongs gave her continuous trouble as the stones were often loose. She decided she wanted her stones to be well set in her next ring and that she wanted a wide band. With that information I started sketching. Once she was happy with the sketch we took it to Facet Foundry and their jewelers was able to make the ring from my sketch. We were very pleased with how it turned out.
Some time after, my mother was shopping at Monkee’s (one of my all time favorite stores BTW) in Davidson, NC and one of the women who worked there asked about the ring. She decided to make one just like it with a hammered band based on photos she took of my mother’s ring. I was with my mother at Monkees on another occasion and saw the second ring in person. It was beautiful and it was neat to see something I designed come to life. While in the store I took a few photos of the two rings together.

Left: my mother’s ring | Right: the hammered version

This was the beginning for me. I have since taken a course in silversmithing at The Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and have repurposed other pieces of jewelry since this first project. I will be sharing details of those projects in future posts. Stay tuned!



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