During New Years Eve celebrations, friends from work told me about a program called Movie Pass where you pay $30.00 a month and you can see unlimited movies in the theater. They send you a prepaid card in the mail that you load by selecting the movie you wish to see using an app on your phone. This sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me so I signed up that very night and then completely forgot about it. A few weeks later I received the card in the mail.

The Movie Pass program has turned out to be a bit more of a commitment than I anticipated. Since movie tickets are about $10.00 these days, I have to see at least 3 movies a month to get my moneys worth. Before I registered for Movie Pass I was going to about 3 movies a year. This is quite a change. I didn’t think I would be able to keep it up so I called and tried to cancel. It turns out that I am locked in to paying $30.00 every month for a year. Thats $360.00 a year! They were going to charge me a few months worth of service to cancel early which I though was ridiculous so I kept it. I have turned this program into a challenge to see how many movies I can see each month.

I have seen so many movies this year and I have really enjoyed it. I go to a theater that has reclining chairs and I keep a blanket in the trunk of my car that I take into the theater. I have quite the set up. The people who work at the theater know me now. It’s fun! Just this week I have seen the new Minions movie and Trainwreck. I was the only person in the theater that day who went to see Minions solo. I didn’t mind, but I got a few strange looks. I took a friend with me to see Trainwreck and we laughed so hard. They were both really great. I would recommend seeing them both.

Stay tuned for more posts about new movies!


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