During my trip home last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find that downtown Gastonia if filling with new life! Links to my favorite places are below.
  • Lily’s Italian Bistro just opened and I was blown away by their Salmon and Crab cakes and their Pasta E Fagioli knocked my socks off!
  • Curt Butler was my art teacher in middle and high school before he quit to explore his own work. He has been hugely successful as an artist and as an instructor in his own beautiful studio.
  • The Hive is the best place in town for paper and gifts. Merryman just got a new foil printer and is taking orders for custom stationary! Check it out!
  • Life of Pie is a wonderful new pizza restaurant in the heart of downtown. It’s right next door to a cute hair salon called Running With Scissors.
  • Cake Me Away is a tiny bakery right down town. I fell in love with their Key Lime Pie Cupcake and their Lemon Cheesecake Bar! It’s just the place to grab something for your sweet tooth!

Check out Visit Downtown Gastonia for upcoming events and news.

Life of Pie
Cake Me Away Bakery

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