For many years now, I have been suffering from horrible skin issues. I have terrible allergies and a tendency to break out at the first hint of stress. Going through school and a series of first jobs as I made my way in the world really set my skin off. I have never been able to go out in public without makeup and that really bothered me. Today I went out in public without makeup for the first time since I was a child and I felt free! I attribute this new found freedom to these two products:
I started using the Day Cream a few months ago and was instantly hooked. It is so light, but provides ample moisture without leaving me oily. It gives me ZERO irritation which is very unusual for me.
I recently purchased the Night Cream and can only say that I wish I had bought it sooner! The combo of using the creams has changed my skin completely. I am honestly amazed. I would post before and after photos, but I made a point never to capture what my skin looked like without makeup before I began using these products. I wouldn’t even take out the trash without makeup on before. Those days are long gone! Thank goodness!

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