I have had a number of blogs through the years and I just discovered that the photos from my last blog are still on my computer. Some of the outfits I posted to the old blog are ones I wear today. Some are gone for good. Here is a look at some of my ensembles from 2013-2014.
Top left: I still have the sweater (from Old Navy) and pants, but I don’t have the necklace (from Target) anymore. I let it go because my hair kept getting stuck in it. I wish I had kept it.
Top Right: The sweater in this photo is the same as the one in the photo on the left, but orange. Like the necklace in the other photo, it is long gone. I gave the necklace away when I moved to South Carolina. I had enjoyed that necklace for many years and decided that I was comfortable letting it go. I was trying to pair back on my necklaces, but I wish I hadn’t let it go. PS I’m such a ham in that photo.
Bottom Left: I still have the skirt, but that’s it. The shirt is gone and so are the shoes. I had those shoes in black and brown, but they bit the dust. The shirt and skirt were from J.Crew.
Bottom right: Both the top and the skirt were from J.Crew and are now gone. They were worn out from being worn so often. I still have the shoes though!

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