I’m feeling pretty good about my most recent purchase. I am the proud owner of a new Epson color printer/scanner from Sam’s Club. I feel like I just bought a printer, but its actually been five years since I last purchased a printer and I put a lot of thought into this purchase. Here is a list of problems I have experienced with printers in the past and how I think I have avoided those problems by purchasing this printer.

  1. Touch screen issues: I have owned quite a few HP printers and an issue that I have run into quite a bit is that their touch screens become less responsive over time. I had one printer quit working completely because it was getting mixed signals from the touch screen. This Epson printer has many more buttons on it that keep me from using the touch screen as much as I would need to if I had purchased another HP printer.
  2. Paper tray: Most printers I have used had a small tray that protruded from the printer itself. This printer is more compact in that regard. It conceals the paper in a covered compartment below the return.
  3. Color ink replacement: Many printers have tri-color ink cartridges and that is convenient, but as soon as one color runs low you are forced to replace the entire cartridge. With this Epson printer, the colors are replaced independently. You only replace the color that runs out.
  4. Ink prices: Companies make the printers cheap and then get you back by making the ink expensive. Before purchasing this printer, I made sure that the ink was available at Sam’s club for when I want to stock up, and I checked Amazon so I have a way to order ink quickly if I am in a pinch. Epson ink isn’t any more expensive than any other ink, but there is an advantage in that it can be purchased for less at Sam’s Club.

Not only do I think I have avoided suffering from previous issues, I got a great deal! This printer only cost me $73.01! The original price was $99.99 before tax and I got it for $68.88 before tax. That’s a savings of $31.11 and I’m patting myself on the back on this one.


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