Looking back on how I decorated, I’m not carried away with it, but back then I was obsessed with my very first apartment. It would have looked a lot nicer with the pieces I have added to my current apartment. I went with pink as my main color because I knew that I would never be able to do that again. I was young and I was determined to use pink wherever I could.
Here is a look at how I decorated my apartment in Raleigh:
IMG_1795 IMG_1794



Last year, just before Christmas, I moved to Bluffton, SC from Raleigh, NC and left my dream apartment behind. It was PERFECT and brand new. I was the first tenant to ever live in the unit. Post Parkside at Wade had just opened when I was moving to Raleigh and I got a really great deal on the apartment, especially considering it had everything I could ever want! Gated and covered parking, interior access, gym, game room, gathering room, pool, secure access. It was a dream come true!
Here are the photos of my apartment before I moved in:
IMG_3828 IMG_3820IMG_3821


So I went a little crazy at Monkees of Lake Norman last weekend and bought three Kerisma sweaters and I am completely obsessed with them! The grey on on the left in the photo below is actually a t-shirt, but it is my all time favorite t-shirt ever. Of course the first time I wore it out I happened to spill something greasy all over it. Luckily I was able to get the grease out with Dawn dish detergent. I now swear by the stuff!
FullSizeRender copy
I picked up the sweater pictured below in tan and in burgundy and they are so soft! I am posing strangely to show that the sweater has a giant pocket which adds a bit of pizzaz.
It was raining all day on Saturday when I took these photos so I paired the sweater with my Hunter Boots from Nordstrom and a pair of J.Crew Pixie Pants. My earrings were purchased at a store that has since gone out of business, but Bauble Bar sold a pair very much like them.
These sweaters are incredible and they were all less than $70.00. I tossed the tags by accident or I would tell you exactly how much they were, but they were around $67.00 each. I will post more photos as I wear them. To order your own call Monkees of Lake Norman at (704) 896-7779.


A few years ago I spend a month in New Mexico studying silversmithing in the southwest tradition at the Ghost Ranch. I learned some pretty neat tricks of the trade, but this is my favorite piece from that trip. I still cannot believe I made this inlay bracelet.

First I started with a layer of silver. I then added the two side strips. The tricky part was bending the bracelet! I admit to having some help with that part. The bare bones of the bracelet with the stones I selected are pictured above.

I then cut the stones down in size and lined them up based on fit. I numbered then and began using epoxy to secure them in place.

Once secure, I began evening out their height and rounding them into the finished product.

Here is the finished bracelet! I was very pleased with how it turned out. Right now my grandmother is enjoying wearing it, but this is a piece the women of my family pass around and share. I wish I had made more than one! I hope to have the chance to go to the Ghost Ranch again!