A few years ago I spend a month in New Mexico studying silversmithing in the southwest tradition at the Ghost Ranch. I learned some pretty neat tricks of the trade, but this is my favorite piece from that trip. I still cannot believe I made this inlay bracelet.

First I started with a layer of silver. I then added the two side strips. The tricky part was bending the bracelet! I admit to having some help with that part. The bare bones of the bracelet with the stones I selected are pictured above.

I then cut the stones down in size and lined them up based on fit. I numbered then and began using epoxy to secure them in place.

Once secure, I began evening out their height and rounding them into the finished product.

Here is the finished bracelet! I was very pleased with how it turned out. Right now my grandmother is enjoying wearing it, but this is a piece the women of my family pass around and share. I wish I had made more than one! I hope to have the chance to go to the Ghost Ranch again!



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