So I didn’t mention something in my last post about my latest Ulta purchase because this product deserves a post of its own. I didn’t just buy mascara the other day, I bought this great 3-pack. Obviously I am a fan of the mascara and a little extra help in the makeup removal process never hurts, but the third product has blown me away.

This eyeliner is the best thing since sliced bread! I have been a faithful user of this Neutrogena eye liner for years now, though I have toyed with other products, I hadn’t found anything to top it until now. This eyeliner has the most incredible tip that makes application a breeze and it gets really close to the lash line.

There are some very negative reviews on the Benefit website, but I have experienced zero clumping, the liner does not smudge or diminish, and it is easy to apply. It’s not a beginner’s eye liner, but for someone who has been applying eyeliner daily for some time should have zero trouble with this product. From the reviews it just sounds like some of the users may be having trouble using the angled applicator. It’s like using a fountain pen, many people struggle with it at first because they are used to using a pen that writes from any angle. It just takes a little practice is all.
This really is a wonderful product. I only have the sample size right now, but I will be buying more of this liner in the future. I am counting the days to see how long the sample size lasts. I’m  on day 3 now and not doing anything funky with my liner that would cause it to be used up more quickly so I anticipate the small one lasting around a month.
In summary, give this a try! It’s fantastic!


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