I am in the process of moving back to North Carolina and have been trying to make it to all of my favorite places around Bluffton, South Carolina. One of those places is Savannah College of Art and Design’s store ShopSCAD.I don’t usually buy anything because it is so difficult to choose just one thing that I love. I enjoy seeing what is new and then feeling sad when I see that a piece I liked very much is gone, but then feeling glad that someone was able to sell their work.
This week I did buy something. I bought three somethings. Driving around Savannah I realized that I was going to really miss being there and I wasn’t going to see Spanish moss in the trees where I was going. Lucky for me, a SCAD student has prints of trees laden in Spanish moss for sale at ShopSCAD. I bought three prints from the series and so look forward to hanging them in my new home. These prints by Heather Young are available on the ShopSCAD website.


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