Because I have been in the middle of a move, I haven’t been able to get to the theater much latelty. This week I have been playing catchup. Here is what I have seen and what I think.

The Intern was pretty darn great. I went to go see it with my mom and neighbor and the theater was PACKED. We were lucky we got to sit together! It was entertaining, funny and sweet. We loved it. There were a few parts that were over dramatized and came off corny to me, but I still enjoyed the movie over all. I will probably buy this one on dvd.

Bridge of Spies was actually pretty funny. There were bits that made you laugh constantly. I didn’t know this was based on a true story until I went to watch it in theater. The story is almost too incredible to be true. A lawyer from Brooklyn went through quite a lot for the lives of three men tangled up in Cold War espionage and politics. I would see this movie again.

This Pan movie certainly puts a different spin on things. It felt like it had a Cirque du Soleil element to it. It was beautiful and the music was interesting on its own. There were a few songs sung by the cast and a couple by Lily Allen. Look up the soundtrack. Just do it. This movie made This movie gave some back story into how Pan arrived in Neverland and made Captain Hook Pan’s friend and Black Beard the enemy. I suggest seeing this movie in 3D. I saw it in 2D because I wasn’t thinking and it’s definitely one worth seeing in 3D.

I saw Jem and the Holograms last night and am hooked on the music! I feel like I maybe enjoyed this movie too much. I was the only one in the theater last night which may be a bad sign for this movie, but it was a Thursday in a small town with a big theater and there are some big movies out right now. I hope this one doesn’t tank because I really enjoyed it. I love movies about music, but this also had an Earth to Echo element to it, which I suppose I should view as silly, but I will admit that I liked it. The cast was great, the story caught my attention, the music was fantastic, and I really enjoyed it. I would see this one again and have already downloaded the soundtrack. I had to wait until this morning to do so because it didn’t go live until this morning. Get it on iTunes now and I dare you not to get these songs stuck in your head!

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