If you haven’t heard of Peacock Alley and their unbelievably soft blankets, you have been missing out! I was first introduced to Peacock Alley through my friend’s mother who is an interior designer. They always had the softest blankets at their house and they gave me one once when I was in the hospital having surgery. The my second blanket was a gift from the same family upon my high school graduation. My third blanket was given to me for Christmas just this last year. I still have all three and can hardly sleep without one!

Blanket Number 1: All Seasons Blanket-Throw
This blanket is thick, warm, and still like new even though I have had it for almost 10 years!

Blanket Number 2: Silk Edged Throw
This blanket was given to me about 6 years ago and is about to fall completely apart. I have slept with it almost every night since it was given to me. The silk has almost completely fallen off from the edge. The color, thickness, and monogram are still in tact so all it needs is new silk trim! I can manage to fix that part myself so once I get around to it, the blanket will look as good as new. I hate that this blanket isn’t on their website because I would love to give it as a gift to my friends. This has been my all time favorite blanket.

Blanket Number 3: All Seasons Blanket-Queen
My mom is an angel for giving me this blanket for my bed. Although it can be used all year round, I only put it on my bed in the winter. I want this blanket to last forever and I’m pretty sure it will since I have had a smaller version of it for 10 years now. I believe my mom got this one from Sierra Trading Post. Best gift ever!


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