I would like to introduce you to my friend Curt Butler. Curt was my art teacher for many years and he brought out the best in me and my work. He left teaching in a school to pursue his personal art career, and I just about broke up with him over it. I got over it after I saw how well he has done and how happy one can be when they can make a living doing what they love.

I recently caught up with Curt at one of his shows at the Providence Gallery in Charlotte, NC. That’s where I saw this piece he did of Carolina Panther player Cam Newton. He said he did this as a fun piece. Every time he worked on it a little, the team would win, so he would work a little more and they would win again. He eventually determined the painting was finished and it now hangs in the Providence Gallery. (Side note: The Panthers are still winning!)
Curt doesn’t just paint for a living. He now has his own private teaching studios and they are fantastic! I guess this is what it looks like when you have “made it.”

Here are a couple other pieces by Curt:

Curt’s work is currently being featured at these galleries:
Providence Gallery – Charlotte, NC
The Design Gallery – Burnsville, NC
Tyler White Gallery – Greensboro, NC
The Wells Gallery Kiawah – Kiawah Island, SC
Thomas Deans Fine Art – Atlanta, GA
Brand-Roberts Galleries – Columbus, OH

Check out his incredible work and like him on Facebook.


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