It has been a while since I shared a posted about an outfit. I am mid-move and living out of a suitcase at the moment and to top it off, the weather has been terrible! There was a break in the storm yesterday morning so I stepped outside to take a quick shot of my rainy day outfit.


Back in either June or July I purchased 4 turtlenecks from J.Crew. At the time, I was working for a technology company and the office was kept at a very low temperature to keep the machines from overheating so I was wearing turtlenecks in the middle of summer. I put the turtlenecks away when I left that job, but now it is time to bring them back out!

TOP: I got a great deal on those turtlenecks! I bought four because they were only $24.00! My total with shipping and tax came to $107.08. The fit isn’t the best, but boy was that a good deal. You can’t tell they are baggy under the arms when you have a jacket on which is fine by me.

JACKET: My mother bought me this Barbour jacket when I was either a freshman or sophomore in college. She saw it online and loved the Liberty London fabric on the inside and decided that was the one I should have. She found a store in Scotland that carried the exact jacket she had seen and had them mail it to her. I have worn this jacket to death! I relax it regularly because I wear the coating off of it so quickly. I really do live in this jacket. I don’t think they make this jacket style anymore, but this one is similar.

NECKLACE: This necklace is my new pride and joy. I love love love my Twine & Twig necklace!

JEANS: Koral Jeans purchased from Dress in Raleigh.

BOOTS: my handy dandy Hunter rain boots.


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