I don’t know about you, but I pay attention to the places people tag in their Instagram photos. I have found some great shops and restaurants through my friends’ Instagram profiles. I have been seeing a lot of my Charlotte friends tagging a restaurant called The Peculiar Rabbit. Apparently this place opened a few years ago and I totally missed it, but I am so glad that I checked it out.


I have been trying to get my mom to go with me, but she never goes out. I used my birthday as an excuse to get her out of the house after 7pm and it was so worth it! The food was AMAZING! We were in love with our dishes, but kept stealing bites from each other’s plates too. The place looks like an average bar/party spot, but the food is on a whole other level. It was fantastic.


A manager stopped by to chat and we told her how much we were enjoying the meal and that we were first time customers celebrating a birthday. They let me pick a desert of my choice on the house and boy did I pick a whopper! Mom and I had seen the women at the table behind us with a cake tower and we were very curious. We narrowed down what it could have been from the desert menu and ordered the Whoopie Pie. IT WAS HUGE! We didn’t come close to finishing it, but enjoyed every bite.

After the meal, we looked around a bit. We had been sitting on the first floor, but the restaurant had a second floor and a roof top level.ย The view of the city from the roof is incredible and even though it was chilly that night, the tables on the roof were full. The one thing that is a bummer about this place is the parking. We had to pay to park across the street because the parking is so limited in the area. I didn’t really mind though because I was determined to try this place and I really enjoyed it.


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