I’m moving! (again)
This time I’m staying put! In just a couple of years, I have moved from Spartanburg, SC to Gastonia, NC to Raleigh, NC to Bluffton, SC and now I am moving to Rutherfordton, NC. All of these moves involved a new job. Moving with as much stuff as I have is no easy feat! It’s laborious and expensive. I am looking forward to not doing it again for a few years, if I can help it. I am also looking forward to living in my new cottage. It’s time to kiss that apartment life goodbye and say hello to living without someone on the other side of the wall.


My boss has a cute cottage on their property that I will be renting. You can’t tell because of the leaves, but it has a charming path and garden for me to play in as well as a fire pit with chairs. It needs a little love, but I can’t wait to work on this cottage. I move tomorrow!


Please forgive any crappy posts that appear in the next week. In addition to moving this week, I start a new job next week and get new floors in the cottage on the main floor. I’m crazy distracted and will be glad to have everything settle down in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more photos of my new place!


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