I have had my eye on a navy coat from J.Crew since it hit their website a couple months ago. I was hoping to score it on sale, but when I checked in on it Saturday night my size was sold out!


I had told my mom about the coat and how I wish I had just bought it when I fell in love with it and, being the angel that she is, she was going to call J.Crew and see if they could find another one in stock somewhere. When she checked the website again in the morning, my size was back in stock! I quickly ordered the coat and then went back to the page to admire the coat and saw that my size was already sold out again.

The coat was originally $398.00 and I got it for 25% off making the coat $298.50.

Clearly this stroke of luck means that I am destined to have this coat. I don’t actually believe in that kind of thing, but I am feeling pretty lucky. I outgrew my only long dark coat a couple years ago and hadn’t seen a coat that I really loved to replace it with until now. I can’t wait to wear the fire out of this coat. I also just moved to the mountains of North Carolina and so I really needed a new coat!


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