Ok so here we go! I’m going to try to get caught up from where I left offΒ by going back through my electronic receipts. Here is the first purchase since the date of my last post in November.

I have been seeing boutiques selling horse hair tassel keychains all over the place and they all looked the same. I figured they all had to be coming from the same place. After a little googling, I found an inexpensive source for the same exact tassels.

Here is a site selling these horsehair tassel keychains for $25.00.
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.01.19 PM

Here is a site selling the same tassels without the ring for only $7.49. Yes you read that correctly. $7.49!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.02.35 PM

I bought one of the the tassels from Knot a Tail and they were the exact same as the $25.00 tassels and I just stuck it on the keyring I already had! They also have the same tassels as used on the Twine and TwigΒ necklaces. I ordered a couple of their larger tassels and compared it with my own Twine and Twig necklace and they are the same! I’m eventually going to buy beads and try to make one of the necklaces myself… I will post about it if I ever get around to it.



I apologize for being so absent. Moving and taking on a new job has been quite the whirlwind! That’s not all that has kept me away. Upon moving to rural NC, I discovered that my options for internet were terribly limited. I went 4 months without internet and I SURVIVED! This is my first evening with internet and, to be honest, I didn’t really miss it. There was the occasional need to check my email for work at night, but other than that I really didn’t miss it. I actually got a lot of work done around the house during my time unplugged. Moving forward, I pledge not to be glued to computer and the internet when I am at home.

Now for some updates:

  • Threadflip is closed for biz. It was the best consignment app and website out there and I am sad it is gone. I have joined Poshmark and will be consigning items there moving forward.
  • Naturally, I have been doing a good bit of shopping during my time offline and I will try to catch you up on my latest deals.
  • Amazon saved Christmas. I am now an even bigger fan of Amazon. I joined Amazon Prime and I don’t know how I lived without it! That 2 day shipping is clutch. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody.
  • I feel like there was something big to share, but I cannot remember at the moment because I am distracted by the Oscars. If I remember it, I will edit this post.

In closing… Check out my Poshmark Closet!