I have been in search of lamps for my office now for a while. Over the weekend, I finally settled on two great lamps from Target.


My office is very dark because the ceilings, walls and floors are all stained wood. They are all stained different colors, but it is still dark. These lamps have made a HUGE difference. My mom doesn’t like these lamps and tried to talk me into another set, but I loved that these lamps would hold two light bulbs and I really needed as much light as possible. It turns out I made the right choice.

If I had a before photo, I would share it with you and if my desk weren’t such a wreck this week, I would share an after photo. So since I am not sharing photos at all, you will just have to take my word for it and use your imagination. These are great lamps and they come in a couple different colors. If you have a dark space and need some powerful lamps, these are just the ticket!



Because I love food more than just about anything, I decided to delay my regular post and tell you all about the new Chef taste testing experience I had today.

I work at Tryon Resort, home to the Tryon International Equestrian Center, and today we tested out a new Chef. I wish we could interview Chefs all day every! I really love free food… especially when the food is this good!This first dish was a romaine salad with scallops and a fun potato nest on top. IT WAS DIVINE. I usually can’t stand scallops, but I ate both of mine and one of someone else’s this time. It was wonderful!  The next dish featured chicken on a bed of spätzle with greens, mushrooms, and pork. This was quite a lot of food but it was so good we all forced every bite down.As if we weren’t full enough, the Chef served a pastry with a glazed banana and banana custard. It was a light and less rich version of banana pudding and even the non banana fans in the group really enjoyed this one.

And now I need to go take a nap. Too full!


I apologize in advance for the gross picture contained in this post, but I felt like I needed to provide photographic evidence of how amazing this product is. On Saturday, I purchased a REVLON Pedi-EXPERT kit from Target and it changed my life. I apologize in advance for the gross picture contained in this post, but I felt like I needed to provide photographic evidence of how amazing this product is.

I have always had miserably tough feet that callous like crazy. I have been using foot blades for as long as I can remember and purchased the Ped Egg right when it came out. I wasn’t too impressed with the Ped Egg because the blades dulled easily and it didn’t really work well for me. The results from this REVLON version are undeniable.

What’s more gross than this photo is the fact that this photo was taken after the second time I really worked on my feet with this thing… in one day. Be glad I spared you from the photo of the first go at it! This product is really amazing. I can actually feel the ground beneath my feet again! The blades are good and sharp, and if you are cursed with ogre’s feet like me, you won’t feel a thing.

I am so impressed with this product and can’t wait to show the improvement in my feet to the woman who gives me pedicures. The little woman keeps a cheese grader on hand for when I visit the salon. Now she won’t have to!



Easter baskets are just as fun now as they were when I was a kid and my mother still puts one together for me and my sister and brother every year. Any of us who come home get the basket in person, and those who can’t make it home get the contents of their basket by mail. It’s pretty great.

Sometimes we get heirloom jewelry, small items from our wish lists, kitchen supplies and other surprises. Two things we get every year are soap and chocolate. Any guest who spends Easter at our house also gets a basket that contains soap and chocolate. Sometimes it’s shampoo and not soap, but more often than not, it’s soap. It’s funny but I also love it.

Anyway… besides soap and candy, here’s what was in my basket this year:

A Nate Berkus Letter Opener
50238636_Alt01Two bottles of Essie Nail Polish (Ladylike and Master Plan)

71F3lniuD8L._SY679_ 71ahah3LiEL._SY679_

And a bracelet my grandmother bought my mother in Europe on one of their trips. I don’t have a photo of it and I haven’t unpacked so no photo for now!

I forgot to mention that Angus, our Maltese, also gets an Easter Basket each year. He loves it! Here’s an action shot of him pulling out his new carrot toy. Dad throws his toys away just about as fast as we buy them so Angus gets a new carrot toy every year. We consider it a major victory if a toy manages to stick around more than a month.


 I hope you all had a very happy Easter!


I have been curbing my usual spending habits and have made a list of things that I want and a list of things that I need. Instead of just buying whatever took my interest first, I am strategically working through the need list. I’m trying to be a responsible adult.


A plain black sweater has been on my need list for a while now and you would think that this would have been a priority purchase this winter. It actually took the AC kicking on in my office to move this purchase to the top of the list.

Over the weekend, I stopped in J.Crew in Charleston and finally picked up this sweater. You never know how much you need a plain black sweater until you don’t have one! Luckily, J.Crew has you covered!


Everyone knows that Charleston is a stylish place. They have their own fashion week and everything. Charlestonians are stylish all the way down to their glasses.While strolling down King Street on Saturday, I stumbled into a glasses store that I hadn’t noticed before. They had the most eye-catching colors in their windows. It turned out that they had just opened in Charleston.

Friedrich’s Optik is a family owned business originally opened in Hamburg, Germany. With a few locations in Germany, the company opened it’s first US store in New York City. Friedrich’s Optik now has a location in Palm Beach and Charleston!
  One of the family members was in town to help get the new location up and running which gave it a really personal touch. Their frames are top quality! I wish I had taken a photo of their really cool sunglasses. Had I not just purchased a new pair of glasses, I totally would have bought a pair at this place in Charleston. I’m keeping an eye on this place though and you should too! Follow them on Instagram!



I should have posted this yesterday as a follow up intro to my weekend in Charleston, but I was too excited about my new earrings. Over the weekend I stayed at the Deas-Tunno House at 89 East Bay Street in Charleston. The house is the far left blue one in the photo above and is part of what is known as Rainbow RowThe owner is an attorney who has a passion for antiques. As an art history major and an antique lover myself, I was entranced.
  The house stands four stories tall and each floor is just as beautiful as the first. There is a magical bedroom on the 4th floor that has a nice view of the water.From the ceilings to the floors, everything was decorated so elegantly.Even the shelves were well appointed!

It just kept getting better!Truly this place was like a dream and I so enjoyed my time there. See more pictures by clicking this link: Charleston Magazine – September 2007

I really don’t have much to say. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.