I have been wearing J.Crew Pixie Pants for years now and have just purchased an even better pair of ponte pants. J.Crew’s Pixie Snap-Front Pant is my new favorite.


They are more pant, less legging than the regular Pixie Pant. They are a little longer and thicker and have a higher rise, which I really enjoy. If you are tired of having to zip your ponte pants up the back, get a pair of these!


3 thoughts on “BEST PONTE PANTS

    • C. Rhyne March 9, 2016 / 10:19 AM

      They are pants and not leggings. I wore them all winter because they are warmer than jeans. I LIVE in these things and have 4 different styles of them from J.Crew. The style in this post is my favorite. I love the high waist and that they zip up the front.

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  1. Catherine March 9, 2016 / 7:22 PM

    I purchased the front zip Pixie pant a while ago and am very pleased with them. However I still love the classic Pixie with the back zipper much better. I still have my original Pixies–they are pretty old by now but they still look incredible! I purchased another pair of the back zipper pixies a couple of weeks ago but they don’t have the same “feel” as the originals..they still look great though. BTW, I purchased the J. Crew Factory Trench which I am loving:


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