It hasn’t taken me much time to get caught up. It feels like I have bought more than what I have posted, but I really haven’t. I did realize that I hadn’t counted the things I have purchased on Amazon and that is a major slip! I signed up for Amazon Prime in December and it has been a serious game changer.

With moving and starting a new job in November, I hadn’t time to go Christmas shopping. Thank goodness I had Amazon Prime. That free 2 day shipping saved Christmas! Most of my Christmas purchases were boring or jokes so I will not list them all here, but I will share an item that I purchased for work and it’s great!


This rattan magazine rack is fabulous! I actually bought it to use as a trash can at work and I love it. I had been searching for a rattan trash can, but couldn’t find one large enough and this bin showed up as a related item. It’s a steal at $32.50. It is an Amazon Prime item so the shipping was free.

Thanks Amazon!


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