I must have packed in the dark when I moved in November. I just put away my winter clothes and brought out everything for spring and was shocked at the state of my shoes. I can’t believe I hauled them back with me to NC when they should have taken a short trip to the dumpster. I’m not exaggerating. They really were in terrible shape.

I mainly wear nude shoes in the spring and summer and all of my nude shoes were ruined. I was so desperate for shoes that I had to buy a pair quickly. Luckily, I have had my eye on a pair for a while now.


These J.Crew Gemma Flats aren’t exactly nude, but I had to start rebuilding my stock somewhere! I really love the pointed toe and am so excited about them. Originally $135.00, I got them during a mini sale for $101.25. I didn’t save much, but I couldn’t wait. I needed a neutral shoe! I’m still very pleased with my purchase and plan to pick these shoes up in more colors once they really go on sale.


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