Y’all… there is some great stuff out there on Poshmark. I created an account intending to sell and not buy, but that didn’t quite work out like I had planned.

So far I have purchased 1 top and 2 pairs of shoes. (shoes…shocker, I know)

I am beyond excited about the J.Crew tan suede shoes. I had seen them in the store and wanted them so badly in black, but couldn’t get them in my size. They were not cheap either! I was able to buy these never been worn shoes on Postmark for only $40.00!!! I am over the moon!

I am also so happy about the J.Crew black d’Orsay loafers I picked up for only $32. I have them in grey and have loved them. I am so glad I found them in black!

The J.Crew top was only $10.00!

Needless to say, I am hooked on Poshmark and you should be too! Check out my Postmark closet and help me make room for more great deals!


2 thoughts on “NEW TO ME SHOES AND TOP

  1. junkdrawergems March 22, 2016 / 10:13 PM

    Cute finds! I was the opposite — I signed up to find a good deal on a pair of shoes and have been selling ever since! Funny how Poshmark sucks you in!


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