Everyone knows that Charleston is a stylish place. They have their own fashion week and everything. Charlestonians are stylish all the way down to their glasses.While strolling down King Street on Saturday, I stumbled into a glasses store that I hadn’t noticed before. They had the most eye-catching colors in their windows. It turned out that they had just opened in Charleston.

Friedrich’s Optik is a family owned business originally opened in Hamburg, Germany. With a few locations in Germany, the company opened it’s first US store in New York City. Friedrich’s Optik now has a location in Palm Beach and Charleston!
  One of the family members was in town to help get the new location up and running which gave it a really personal touch. Their frames are top quality! I wish I had taken a photo of their really cool sunglasses. Had I not just purchased a new pair of glasses, I totally would have bought a pair at this place in Charleston. I’m keeping an eye on this place though and you should too! Follow them on Instagram!


One thought on “FRIEDRICH’S OPTIK

  1. Pipsysl April 1, 2016 / 7:01 PM

    This place seems amazing! So many different shapes to choose from. I really need to keep an eye on that Instagram. Great blog 🙂


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