Easter baskets are just as fun now as they were when I was a kid and my mother still puts one together for me and my sister and brother every year. Any of us who come home get the basket in person, and those who can’t make it home get the contents of their basket by mail. It’s pretty great.

Sometimes we get heirloom jewelry, small items from our wish lists, kitchen supplies and other surprises. Two things we get every year are soap and chocolate. Any guest who spends Easter at our house also gets a basket that contains soap and chocolate. Sometimes it’s shampoo and not soap, but more often than not, it’s soap. It’s funny but I also love it.

Anyway… besides soap and candy, here’s what was in my basket this year:

A Nate Berkus Letter Opener
50238636_Alt01Two bottles of Essie Nail Polish (Ladylike and Master Plan)

71F3lniuD8L._SY679_ 71ahah3LiEL._SY679_

And a bracelet my grandmother bought my mother in Europe on one of their trips. I don’t have a photo of it and I haven’t unpacked so no photo for now!

I forgot to mention that Angus, our Maltese, also gets an Easter Basket each year. He loves it! Here’s an action shot of him pulling out his new carrot toy. Dad throws his toys away just about as fast as we buy them so Angus gets a new carrot toy every year. We consider it a major victory if a toy manages to stick around more than a month.


 I hope you all had a very happy Easter!


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