Because I love food more than just about anything, I decided to delay my regular post and tell you all about the new Chef taste testing experience I had today.

I work at Tryon Resort, home to the Tryon International Equestrian Center, and today we tested out a new Chef. I wish we could interview Chefs all day every! I really love free food… especially when the food is this good!This first dish was a romaine salad with scallops and a fun potato nest on top. IT WAS DIVINE. I usually can’t stand scallops, but I ate both of mine and one of someone else’s this time. It was wonderful!  The next dish featured chicken on a bed of spätzle with greens, mushrooms, and pork. This was quite a lot of food but it was so good we all forced every bite down.As if we weren’t full enough, the Chef served a pastry with a glazed banana and banana custard. It was a light and less rich version of banana pudding and even the non banana fans in the group really enjoyed this one.

And now I need to go take a nap. Too full!


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