My Poshmark account has been blowing up lately! I have sold 9 items this week and have just added new items on my account!

Check out these items for sale now!

Available brands include: J.Crew, C Wonder, Ann Taylor, Manolo Blahnik, Joy Joy, Lilly Pulitzer, Valentino, Urban Outfitters, Amrita Singh, Gracia, Sara Campbell, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, Lord and Taylor, Trina Turk, Banana Republic, Lacoste, BCBG and more!



Moths are annoying. Don’t let moths ruin your clothes. Act now!

My mom used to buy large blue moth repellent garment bags from the dry cleaners each year when it was time to put away her wool. The dry cleaners in our area no longer carry those wonderful blue bags so now we have to get creative.

Here is how I do it: I place my wool pants, skirts and sweaters in bins and my wool dresses and coats go in the bags.

Step 1: Clothes Bags and Bins
Store wool coats and dresses in garment bags to help keep the moths from feasting. Moths and their larvae can get into small spaces, so this is not a sure fire way to keep them out, but it can help!

I bought 3 of these clothes bags on Amazon for $6.83 each.

Step 2: Cedar
Red cedar is a natural moth repellant, but it only helps so long as it retains its odor. Change these out periodically to help keep moths out of your closet.

71ymuecYvqL._SL1500_I just bought this kit and it’s only $10.99 on Amazon.com!

For more tips and tricks, check out these notes from Martha Stewart.

You don’t have to break the bank to make sure your clothes are protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a tan enhancing product that I have been using ever since. This product is meant for folks who use the tanning bed, but I use it in the yard, by the pool and at the beach. Bellezza by Designer Skin has been my go to tanning lotion. After searching for it online today, it appears that it has been discontinued… major bummer. This product really worked and never left an oily residue. I’m so sad it’s no longer available.


I am now in search of a new go to tan enhancer.  I would love suggestions! Comment and let me know your favorite tanning product!


Over the weekend I visited Rynnse Hair Design in Gastonia, NC for a much needed hair makeover.

How did no one let me know that my hair looked this bad!

I have been highlighting my hair for years and over time, all of my hair ended up with color on it. It was one big block of blonde when I decided to grow it out. What you see below is 5-6 months of growth in brown.

After a dunk in the bowl with some color, I’m back to my natural color! I didn’t even have to be foiled! I’m so happy I don’t have a horrible line at the back of my head anymore! Seriously though… why didn’t anyone tell me how bad my hair looked?!?!?!


Last week my sister told me her wallet was stolen out of her purse while she was dining at a restaurant with a client in NYC. The thief got hold of one credit card and had a wild time at Victorias Secret and Macy’s. The card was cancelled and the fraudulent charges have since been credited. It was upsetting because her personal space was violated, but she was very lucky that all of her important information was in a small card case she carries in her hand with her phone.
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.12.48 PM
After she told me the story, I started looking for a little card case of my own. I hate carrying my wallet and purse with me all over the place where I work and I often need access to my cards when I am on the job. Having one of these little cases would be great. After looking at almost every site, I found the perfect case.

This Neiman Marcus Saffiano Leather Slim Card Case  was only $12.00! That’s a major steal! The card cases available on the Neiman Marcus regular website are $160.00 + ! So many other sites have the same look for $40.00 + and I just couldn’t justify spending so much on something so small and simple. Thanks to Neiman Marcus Last Call, I didn’t have to break the bank.


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I am more obsessed with Poshmark than ever.

You can sell your own clothes and buy lightly used clothes on the cheap cheap cheap! It’s like trading in your closet for a whole new wardrobe. I have recently purchased some really wonderful items. In addition to these shoes and this top, I have purchased a Tory Burch top, a J.Crew Blazer, and a J.Crew Cashmere sweater.

The Tory Burch top was new with tags for only $45.00! The buttons were still wrapped in tissue paper. I am so so so in love with that top and have already worn it a bunch.

The J.Crew Blazer was new without tags and the pockets were still sewn shut when I got it. This BEAUTIFUL blazer was only $50.00!

The J.Crew cashmere sweater was only $7.00 on final sale from the “Posher” and it was a major score!

The shipping prices are super reasonable also which is awesome. If you haven’t tried Poshmark before, you need to check it out! Check out my Poshmark closet!


If you read this post, you know I went to the Benefit Brow bar over the weekend. I go just about every 4-5 weeks for  a shape up. I maintain with tweezers at home in-between visits.

On a previous visit, I tried Benefit’s Gimme Brown Eyebrow Gel and I liked it, but I wasn’t sold on the whole brow tint thing. During my most recent visit, I tried their Instant Brow pencil. It’s pretty great! I bought it and have been very happy using it this week. It is more of a wax, which I like. My brows stay in place and look more full.

The only downside of this product is that it requires a sharpener. I thought it was a twist up product when I purchased it… nope. It’s still a winner and I suggest giving it a try!