It has only been a few months since I moved and in just that short amount of time, Adam Turoni’s business has blown up! While strolling down a familiar street, I noticed a new storefront. Because Adam’s business is booming, he opened a second storefront in downtown Savannah, GA. He turned an old cigar shop into a really need chocolate store.

Here’s a fun fact: My friend Whitney, pictured, used to work for Adam a while back.

I fell in love with this new topiary truffle. They are simply too beautiful to eat. I still have mine sitting on my kitchen counter because I cannot bring myself to eat it!

That day I bought two dark chocolate peanut butter cups with salt on top (one for me and one for Whitney) , 1 red velvet truffle (to split with Whitney), one mint truffle for Whitney and a topiary truffle for myself. Look at that candied mint leaf on top! Adam’s work is simply beautiful. You must check out his work and you can even buy it online!


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