So J.Crew has a manufacturing/distribution center in Arden, NC right below Asheville and they have a Clearance Store! I have known about this place for years, but somehow just never made it up there. I thought that they only did periodic warehouse sales, which they do, but didn’t know that they have a clearance store that is open all the time.

I purchased two pairs of pants, 1 sweater and a pack of hair ties all for only $63.67! I have included a photo of my receipt as photographic evidence.


I got a pair of Lookout High-rise Crop Jeans in White for $30 and they were actually long enough for me! Usually I have to order longs in everything, but these were just the right cropped length! These jeans are currently on J.Crew’s website for $115.00.

I also got a pair of Lookout High-rise Jeans in Black in a tall size for only $30! These are also available online for $115.00.

I picked up these hair ties for $5.00 and an electric pink wool v-neck sweater (no longer available online) for only $20.00.

Because I purchased 4 items, I received an additional 30% off of my purchase! This place has just changed my life! I’m going to check there before I order anything from J.Crew ever again!

Here is the address for this place if you live nearby:ย 1 Clifford Way, Arden, NC 28704


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