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I am more obsessed with Poshmark than ever.

You can sell your own clothes and buy lightly used clothes on the cheap cheap cheap! It’s like trading in your closet for a whole new wardrobe. I have recently purchased some really wonderful items. In addition to these shoes and this top, I have purchased a Tory Burch top, a J.Crew Blazer, and a J.Crew Cashmere sweater.

The Tory Burch top was new with tags for only $45.00! The buttons were still wrapped in tissue paper. I am so so so in love with that top and have already worn it a bunch.

The J.Crew Blazer was new without tags and the pockets were still sewn shut when I got it. This BEAUTIFUL blazer was only $50.00!

The J.Crew cashmere sweater was only $7.00 on final sale from the “Posher” and it was a major score!

The shipping prices are super reasonable also which is awesome. If you haven’t tried Poshmark before, you need to check it out! Check out my Poshmark closet!



  1. Stef April 22, 2016 / 10:53 AM

    I love poshmark! I will check out your shop!


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