I am so pleased with this purchase. The customer reviews gave me high hopes and this vacuum didn’t disappoint! If you have a small apartment and don’t need a heavy duty vacuum with accessories, get this vacuum. You will not regret it!



Thank you again Memorial Day sale!


I have been waiting to buy a pair of J.Crew’s Tall Lookout High-rise Jeans in white and finally pulled the trigger. I love high waisted jeans because it’s like wearing spanks without wearing spanks. These jeans are $115.00, but thanks to the sale I only spent $85.95 including tax and shipping. Every little bit counts! I own these jeans in black and LOVE them. The fit is perfect for me. The tall size is still just a hair too short, but it is so much better than the regular length.


I am so very tired of not being able to find clothes that fit me properly. My torso and my legs are long and this causes major problems when trying to find pants and dresses to fit. I have been buying what I can from stores like J.Crew and Ann Taylor that sell tall sizes, but often my size is not available in a tall. I have to buy a size up and have it cut down to fit.

Memorial Day sales are in full swing and I am taking a chance on a couple of tall items from Ann Taylor online without trying them on. I just ordered the Devin Stretch Cotton Cropped Pants for $34.50 and this Lace Shift Dress for $69.50. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they both fit everywhere I need them to.

I have made a habit of buying cropped pants because if the pants are always going to be too short on me, I might as well make it intentional. The problem then becomes that the cropped pants hug my calf in a weird way. It’s not good. If these pants fit, I may order them in bulk even if they aren’t still on sale.

Dresses pose a different problem. I wear a 0/XS in tops and a 4-6/28 in bottoms. It’s terribly difficult to find a dress that is small at the top and big enough at the bottom. I often have to buy the size up and then have the top sewn to fit. Length is also a problem. I regularly have to buy for length and have the whole dress reconstructed to fit. It’s so frustrating. I recently purchased a J.Crew dress in a 2 tall and it swallows me whole. It is the perfect length, but I am going to have to get it cut down. I need a 0 tall in their dresses and they don’t carry that size. Sometimes I get lucky and a regular 0 has enough fabric in the hem to be let out, but that’s a rare occurrence.

Rant finished. I hope these recent purchases fit like a glove! I’m so tired of being disappointed. Thank goodness both of my feet are the same size and I am a solid 8. I might just give up if I bounced between shoe sizes too.


I just bought a new vacuum and I am really really excited about it. Is that weird?


I have been lugging around a heavy upright vacuum for 4-5 years now and I am so tired of carrying it up and down stairs. I’m just plain over it. My current vacuum is a Hoover and I have really enjoyed the quality so I chose to get another, lighter, Hoover to replace it with. My mom is excited to get my old vacuum and I’m excited to get my new one.

I ordered it on Amazon, like I do almost everything, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. It was only $63.80 which is a major steal and the reviews are great! I’m really looking forward to using my new light weight vacuum.


My parents recently returned from a trip to Ireland and my mom brought back the most incredible pin! She picked it up in a jewelry store in the town next to where we once lived.

On one side it has an ivory carving of a castle and on the other, there is a tin photo of a woman. It rotates so the pin can be worn on either side.

It is such a unique piece!

Because the clasp is so flimsy, it is off to be worked on. The glass is loose and my mother is going to have a piece added so that it can be worn as a necklace as well as a pin.

It’s actually pretty hard to find nice old things in Ireland so this was a very special purchase.


I haven’t purchased anything from J.Crew’s Factory Store in some time now because I noticed there was a marked difference in quality. I gave in today when I saw they were offering 50% off of everything online.


I love this simple blue striped top and it is going to look so crisp with white jeans this summer. It’s only $38.50.


I have also been in need of a new pair of black wedge sandals and these were a good deal at only $59.00. I bought a previous pair of low wedges in black from J.Crew last year and never really enjoyed the low wedge. I need height! These ought to do the trick.

There are some good deals to be had! Check it out!


I realized last week that I haven’t had a mani/pedi since LAST YEAR in December. It was high time I took a little me time.


As you can see, they did a garbage job on my nails. It’s already flaking off. I’m not supposed to wear bold colors to work anyway so it’s not a big deal. What’s important is the color is awesome! It’s Lapis of Luxury by Essie.


I was going to use Decadent Dish on my toes, but I decided to go all in with Lapis of Luxury. I love the names and enjoy getting something different every time.

I’m sorry that I will have to remove the blue from my nails in another day or so, but I’m glad I can still enjoy it a little longer on my toes.