I knocked a few items off of my Treat Yo Self list last month, though most of my money went towards food and wine instead of clothes. I went through a very hungry month…there were a lot of hamburgers involved. I did cross Vans (instead of Supergas) off of my list and I finally purchased a new pair of running shoes! This item didn’t make it on to my list last month and I finally chose a Truffle Pouch! I was having trouble deciding between this one and this one and this one and this one.

Here is my updated Treat Yo Self list. I changed the order around a bit so I could sort of rank these items for myself.


  1. FRYE Espadrilles: I really want these in cement and these in dusty rose. The first ones are so so so soft and I love the pointed toe of the second pair.
  2. A new bathrobe and slippers – I have been looking for a new set for over a year now. I have the same robe from Pottery Barn that my great aunt gave me when I graduated high school. The robe has really held up, but the slippers bit the dust a couple of years ago… I loved those slippers. I haven’t found a robe or slippers to replace them so I’m still holding on to the same ratty robe. If anyone has a suggestion for a quality,  soft, midi length robe I’m very interested!
  3. A new swim suit – I have some very old bathing suits and haven’t found a new one in a while because I hate having to try them on!
  4. Espadrilles – preferably Soludos, but this is another shoe decision that I am really having trouble deciding what style and color I want. There are so many options!
  5. New Sunglasses – I bought a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses last year and have completely worn them out. They are so floppy and stretched out that they cannot be fixed. I really need a new pair, but am having trouble finding a pair that I like. I am really excited for Skiffingtons to return to TIEC so I can buy a new pair from them.
  6. Cuyana Wallet – I have had the same patent navy Hobo wallet for around 7 or more years now. In this case, 7 years is not an exaggeration. It is a really really really old wallet, but it looks like new! Patent Hobo wallets really hold up! I have loved it all this time, but am ready for a change. I have set my sights on a grey wallet by Cuyana and I plan to have my initials added to it.
  7. Parker Thatch Jewelry Case – This could be a treat for myself but it would also make a great little surprise for someone else!
  8. Fresh Chambray Shirt – Somehow I went from having 3 chambray shirts to having 0 chambray shirts. I need to buy a new one, but I haven’t seen one I like.
  9. New Spanx – I have had the same pair of spanx since my sophomore year of college. They are worn slap out. It’s time for a new pair!
  10. Barbour Jacket – I have a spring weight Barbour jacket with Liberty Rose lining and really wish I had a thicker one that additional liners can zip into. This has been on my wish list for a few years and I keep buying other coats instead. I will tick this one off of my list eventually.

The Lindroth Island Bag came off of the list this month. I have thought about it a lot and I love the look, but ultimately I just know I wouldn’t use it that much. This is why I make these lists! It keeps me from making impulse purchases. I have also removed the M.Gemi Brezza Flats flats from my list because I came to the realization that they will be destroyed where I work.


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