Over the weekend, I went to Atlanta for the first annual Atlanta Taco Festival and it was amazing! It was very overwhelming at first, but after I knocked back a couple margaritas in the VIP tent, I had a great time and enjoyed a bunch of tacos! Because I had a VIP wristband, my band was loaded with 20 taco points. Tacos ranged between 2-3 taco points each and some vendors offered 2 tacos for 5 points. I got so full on tacos that I still had 4 points left at the end. I just couldn’t eat anymore. I took pictures of all of my tacos and they are posted above. I went back for seconds of the pineapple chicken one on the bottom right. I also had guacamole and chips. It was a lot of food.

Apparently, not everyone enjoyed the festival as much as me and my friends. The news has really dumped on the festival as a whole. The best I can figure is that a large number of the attendees thought the food trucks were the primary place to get tacos and the tents were only for drinks. Not so. I only ate tacos from the local restaurants in tents because the lines for the taco trucks were out of control. The non VIP line for drinks was also out of control, but that is to be expected at any festival. I do agree that there were too many people, but it shows there is a great opportunity to grow the festival. It sold out before the day of the event and next year they can make improvements to make it run more smoothly.

In addition to tacos and margaritas, there were photo booths and caricature stands! One of the booths was giving out bags of free tortillas and cheese dip. We each took home a ton of swag. We actually closed the whole thing down! The police were making sweeps to kick out the stranglers and we were definitely stragglers.

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time and I hope I can make it back next year!


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