I recently took my pearls to a local woman who runs a small jewelry store to be rearranged and restrung as one large necklace. What I got back was a mess and I was upset to say the least. My mother took her pearls to the same woman and they came back shorter and without her gold and pearl clasp! It was a nightmare and we are just beginning to get past it. For mother’s day, us kids got together and had mom’s pearls fixed by a professional and replaced the pearls that were not returned. That part of the saga is finally over.

As you can see, my pearls are still a hot mess. They are so long I could jump rope with them and she didn’t even use all of the pearls!

Before I turn them over to be restrung again, I decided I would try to restring them myself. I can’t screw it up anymore than that woman already did! Armed with this article, I bought some supplies (silk thread, bead board, beading needles) on Amazon and gave it a shot.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have a LOT of pearls. All of these pearls came from many different necklaces and I hope to be able to string them all together in a somewhat graduated fashion with knots in between each pearl. I certainly have my work cut out for me. This is going to take a few days so I will post again once I have more to show.


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