I am so very tired of not being able to find clothes that fit me properly. My torso and my legs are long and this causes major problems when trying to find pants and dresses to fit. I have been buying what I can from stores like J.Crew and Ann Taylor that sell tall sizes, but often my size is not available in a tall. I have to buy a size up and have it cut down to fit.

Memorial Day sales are in full swing and I am taking a chance on a couple of tall items from Ann Taylor online without trying them on. I just ordered the Devin Stretch Cotton Cropped Pants for $34.50 and this Lace Shift Dress for $69.50. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they both fit everywhere I need them to.

I have made a habit of buying cropped pants because if the pants are always going to be too short on me, I might as well make it intentional. The problem then becomes that the cropped pants hug my calf in a weird way. It’s not good. If these pants fit, I may order them in bulk even if they aren’t still on sale.

Dresses pose a different problem. I wear a 0/XS in tops and a 4-6/28 in bottoms. It’s terribly difficult to find a dress that is small at the top and big enough at the bottom. I often have to buy the size up and then have the top sewn to fit. Length is also a problem. I regularly have to buy for length and have the whole dress reconstructed to fit. It’s so frustrating. I recently purchased a J.Crew dress in a 2 tall and it swallows me whole. It is the perfect length, but I am going to have to get it cut down. I need a 0 tall in their dresses and they don’t carry that size. Sometimes I get lucky and a regular 0 has enough fabric in the hem to be let out, but that’s a rare occurrence.

Rant finished. I hope these recent purchases fit like a glove! I’m so tired of being disappointed. Thank goodness both of my feet are the same size and I am a solid 8. I might just give up if I bounced between shoe sizes too.



  1. Pipsysl May 28, 2016 / 11:25 AM

    I have the opposite problem… Whenever I want to buy flare pants it seems that nothing fits me properly because I’m too small for them. I recently discovered that ASOS has both a Tall and a Petite section with the exact same clothes and I couldn’t be more happy! You should take a look 🙂


    • C. Rhyne May 28, 2016 / 1:04 PM

      I love ASOS, but I wish I could filter by fabric to narrow the selections down to wool, silk and cotton.


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