Another national holiday means another big sale!

I don’t usually order much from J.Crew’s Factory Store, but I did take advantage of their 50% off sale and picked up a couple of new tops.

I needed a couple bright tops to refresh my wardrobe. The Factory Racer Tank is usually $59.50, but is currently $29.50. The Factory V-Neck Shell Top is usually $64.50 and is currently $32.00. There are some other great deals available so check it out!



I had a pretty busy weekend, but I did have a mini shopping break. I bought this awesome Tatos Polo Belt from Equis Boutique at Tryon International Equestrian Center.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 5.13.49 PM

Ocean Blue on Baby Β Blue Polo Belt

They come in so many fun colors and the leather is good and thick so you know it will las you a long time. I don’t think I can limit myself to just one. The store at TIEC is about to get more colors in and I don’t think I will be able to resist! They are only $55!


I have had a Fitbit for a couple of years now and my bands are falling apart or are irreversibly dingy. Fitbit brand bands aren’t cheap so I have been looking into alternatives. Of course I took a peek at what Amazon has to offer. I am realizing now that this blog is turning into an Amazon Prime fan page, but come on. It’s pretty darn awesome.


I found these ismile replacement bands on Amazon.com for only $13.99 with free shipping with Amazon Prime. They arrived in the mail Tuesday and they are just like the originals, but with a little more pizazz. I’m not a fan of the beige one, but I love the other colors and the texture is pretty cool too. If you are looking for a less expansive alternative to replacement bands for your fit bit, give these a try. You get 7 of these bands for about the price of 1 Fitbit brand band.




I haven’t had a good pair of slippers in some time. I have been wanting a pair of Uggs or something like them and was waiting to get a pair on sale when I saw this pair on Amazon.com. They are only $9.53! I’m going to write that again incase you may think I am leaving off numbers. They are seriously only $9.53! My mom has a pair of Ugg slippers and they are exactly the same, but about 10x the price. It’s crazy! This is an unbelievable deal and if you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free. They come in 5 colors so pick one and get them while they are cheap!


I am trying to do better by my feet. I do a lot of walking where I walk and sometimes spend whole days ping ponging across the property all day long. My feet get so tired and rough. I am going to try and get a pedicure every two weeks. Let’s see how this goes.


This week I went to Beverly Nails in Gastonia. It’s a pretty pitiful nail salon. The walls are stark white, the decor is old and faded and they don’t give you much time to soak and relax. I go there because they do the best job with toe cuticles in town and that’s more important to me than a good foot rub and a relaxing sit. It’s worth more to me to not have to deal with my cuticles and calluses and they handle those well. If you are looking for a relaxing spa experience, this is not the place for you. If you want to get down to business and just have the dirty business taken care of, this place is just fine.

I found a new favorite color. I chose OPI’s I Am What I Amethyst and it looks purple in the bottle, but sometimes it looks pale blue. I love colors that look different in different lights. I will be buying this color for sure. It’s a fun color for fingers or toes. Stay tuned for a new color feature in a couple of weeks.