Right after finding two dresses at Madewell, we (My mom, grandmother and I) went across the aisle to J.Crew and had even more luck there!

Off of the sale rack I grabbed this linen shift dress and striped tweed dress. They were reduced already and then I believe there was an additional 40% off of sale items. I’m not sure that’s what the deal was, but it was something like that. I couldn’t believe my luck.


If that wasn’t great enough, I fell in love with this tiered fatigue shirtdress. It was full price, but totally worth it. The fit is fantastic. I might buy it in red also.

The total for these three dresses was $251.80!




Over the weekend I went to Southpark Mall for the first time since very early spring. That is a painfully long time to spend away from one of my favorite places on this earth.

The majority of the clothes in my closet are pretty worn out. Some of the things in my closet actually belonged to my sister from back when she was in high school. I have done a pretty poor job of replacing things as they wear out. There are only a few dresses in my closet that haven’t been pieced back together once or twice. I can sew pretty well, but eventually fabric falls apart and now many of my dresses are beyond repair.

This weekend I made major progress in dress replacement.

My first stop of the day was Madewell. I really didn’t expect to buy anything there, but went to show my mom a dress I wanted her to try on.


I darted back to the sale rack and pulled two dresses. To my surprise, they had my size! I got lucky and bought the Sundream Fringe Dress in white and the Embroidered Paradise Dress. First store of the day and I had already found two dresses that fit!

All in all my total for the two dresses was only $105.08!
It was a very good deal!


This is like Ugg boots all over again.

Back when Ugg boots were becoming popular, I decided I was going to hate them. I couldn’t stand the way they looked and couldn’t bear to see people wearing them. Fast forward a year and I finally put my foot in a pair. I totally got it and am now the proud owner of two pairs of Ugg boots.

Somewhere along the line, I similarly decided that I was going to hate Lululemon. I can offer no real reason for why I decided I wasn’t going to get behind this brand, but I have now done an about face. I am now the proud owner of one pair of Lululemon running pants and one pair of Lululemon running shorts.

What really won me over was the pockets. Lululemon is a master at hiding pockets. If you are on the fence about this brand, go check out their store in person. Their clerks are so helpful and put this first timer at ease.


I have always loved bold tortoise shell sunglasses, but I have never liked how heavy they feel on my face. Last week I popped in Eyes of Wellington at Tryon Resort and found a new pair of sunglasses that are the lightest tortoise shell sunglasses I have ever worn.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 7.17.02 PM.png

These Erica Classics by Ray-Ban are reasonably priced and are so comfortable. I am really enjoying them. Some come polarized and some do not so ask before you buy!


Once in a while I purchase something totally random that I really don’t need. Usually it comes side by side with something I do actually need. For example, I needed some low cut socks to wear with my new Supergas and found some on Amazon. Also on amazon was an add on for 2 pool floats. The socks were $5.00 and the 2 pool floats were $10.95. It wasn’t a major impulse buy, but I’m still going to laugh when they arrive in the mail.



My teeth are super sensitive so I have had a hard time using mainstream whitening products. That was until I found these sensitive whitening strips from Crest.


They are wonderful! They pack the same punch as the Crest 3D whitening stips, but with very minimal sensitivity. I have only used 4 strips and am already noticing a difference. You can keep these on for up to an hour for faster results. The price tag is also very attractive. Right now on Amazon.com you can get 56 strips for $29.99! I highly recommend giving these a try.


I have had the same standard style curling iron for over 5 years now. It’s time to swap it out for a newer model.


Because I am addicted to Amazon Prime, I looked over many wand style curling irons and their reviews and decided to give this one a whirl. They all seem to be just about the same so I picked one with a digital display and automatic shut off. In addition to the curling iron, I got a little glove to protect my hand. The curling iron was on sale for $23.99. It was originally $59.99 so I got a great deal.


I haven’t mastered it yet, but it’s a great curling iron and I am really enjoying it.
PS this Snapchat filter makes my teeth look incredibly white.