My sister randomly texted me a couple weeks ago that she had discovered the best bra ever. I was skeptical…


…until I tried one on.

This bra is WONDERFUL! I have narrow shoulders and finding a bra where the straps stay up that isn’t a racer back is pretty difficult. I purchased this bra at Lord and Taylor during my trip to NYC and I am so glad to have it. I am going to need more than one of these.



Nothing beats a great tote bag!

I recently had an old, reliable tote bag bite the dust. It was a sad day.
Because that bag was from Lands End, I was able to order a new one exactly like it!


My old bag was green and my new one is red with a different monogram style. I have already sprayed it thoroughly with Scotch Guard and am carrying it with pride. It has a pocket for everything and this bag serves as my portable office.


Going to Lulu Lemon in NYC is much more chill than going to Lulu Lemon in Charlotte. In NYC, they don’t try to over sell you and get you hyped up over leggings. They simply let you browse in peace and make a selection. It was refreshing.

I had just made a couple purchases from Lulu Lemon in Charlotte so I didn’t really need anything, but I did pick up a couple of headbands. I got the Fly Away Tamer Headband II in black and luon spray jacquard hunter green black. These headbands really stay in place and keep the wispies out of my face. I love them.


My sister and I were walking near Grand Central Station and were looking in the windows of a store and kept walking to see what is was. We were a little shocked to find that it was Ann Taylor and not Ellie Saab or St. John. The ensembles in the window were so nice that we had to go take a look even though we were starving and on our way to lunch.

There was a SALE!

I didn’t go crazy or anything, but I did get two really great tops for work/play. I am IN LOVE with this winter white Button Down Blouse and this Mixed Media Tunic. I got both of these tops for only $77.40! I wish I had gotten a couple more tops during that sale, but I was conscious of how little space I had in my suitcase.

As soon as their Essential Popover and their Sleeveless Pocket Shell go on sale, I will be snapping them up too.


I have been terribly delinquent in my posting of late. There has been a good reason… I have been on vacation! Last week I went to visit my sister in New York City and I had a really great time. It’s weird how well I can relax in the big city.

While I was there, I stopped in a store I see far too infrequently.

This Oversized Sweater in grey is deceiving on the hanger. My sister bought it in black and it wasn’t until we got them home that we realized it is a one shoulder top. We still like the top so we kept them. On the right is a Suede Effect Jacket that I am obsessed with. I had been looking for a jacket like this and lo and behold, one appeared on a rack right in front of me. It’s the type of piece I don’t want to invest a lot into so I was delighted that the price was only $49.90. That’s the best thing about Zara. They have stylish pieces and classic staples and all at an affordable price.

I also picked up two new scarves, one grey and the other an olive color. The scarf appears much more camel in this photo, but it is very olive in real life. They are large, soft and warm. Perfect for wrapping up for a flight or in cold weather.

I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of the great things Zara has in their stores for the fall. It’s just so hard to shop in a store that has so much to offer! I will be stalking their website for more great finds for fall.


True to form, I got a little over excited at Target and came home with 4 new bottles of nail polish. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Top: Go Ginza, Between the Seats
Bottom: Marshmallow, Ballet Slippers

I LOVE Go Ginza, but my favorite is Between the Seats. It’s more grey than it appears in the photo. It’s so clean looking. I just had to have some fresh pale naturals and then threw in the purple one for fun.

Target is such a dangerous place.