I have been terribly delinquent in my posting of late. There has been a good reason… I have been on vacation! Last week I went to visit my sister in New York City and I had a really great time. It’s weird how well I can relax in the big city.

While I was there, I stopped in a store I see far too infrequently.

This Oversized Sweater in grey is deceiving on the hanger. My sister bought it in black and it wasn’t until we got them home that we realized it is a one shoulder top. We still like the top so we kept them. On the right is a Suede Effect Jacket that I am obsessed with. I had been looking for a jacket like this and lo and behold, one appeared on a rack right in front of me. It’s the type of piece I don’t want to invest a lot into so I was delighted that the price was only $49.90. That’s the best thing about Zara. They have stylish pieces and classic staples and all at an affordable price.

I also picked up two new scarves, one grey and the other an olive color. The scarf appears much more camel in this photo, but it is very olive in real life. They are large, soft and warm. Perfect for wrapping up for a flight or in cold weather.

I know I didn’t even scratch the surface of the great things Zara has in their stores for the fall. It’s just so hard to shop in a store that has so much to offer! I will be stalking their website for more great finds for fall.

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