My sister and I were walking near Grand Central Station and were looking in the windows of a store and kept walking to see what is was. We were a little shocked to find that it was Ann Taylor and not Ellie Saab or St. John. The ensembles in the window were so nice that we had to go take a look even though we were starving and on our way to lunch.

There was a SALE!

I didn’t go crazy or anything, but I did get two really great tops for work/play. I am IN LOVE with this winter white Button Down Blouse and this Mixed Media Tunic. I got both of these tops for only $77.40! I wish I had gotten a couple more tops during that sale, but I was conscious of how little space I had in my suitcase.

As soon as their Essential Popover and their Sleeveless Pocket Shell go on sale, I will be snapping them up too.


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