This post probably isn’t about what you thought it would be…

Now this is a great costume and I could totally make this. I depend on Amazon a great deal and I get a box at work or at home almost every single day. Now I know what to do with the boxes!



Halloween is my favorite. I just love all of the pumpkins!

Unfortunately I had to go to the dentist to repair a filling that fell out and I took a little trip into Asheville to visit Lexington Glassworks. I had seen on their Instagram feed that they were making glass pumpkins. I just had to have one!


They had so many colors and shapes! I had a hard time deciding which one to get! I really liked the tall orange one in the photo below, but decided to go with a more traditional shape this time.


Everything they make is so beautiful. In addition to live demonstrations, they also serve wine and beer! It’s quite the hangout!



I wasn’t joking about this bra. It’s the best.

What’s better is, that I found them on sale on Amazon and the shipping was free with my Prime account! I got the blue one for $22.26 and the purple one for $30.68! That’s a BIG deal since these bras are usually $68.00. The sale prices and color availability keeps changing and I see these have already increased in price since I placed my order this weekend, but they are still on sale. Get them now while you can!


These shoes are everywhere and everyone has them now and there is a reason why. The Steve Madden Carrson sandals are SO much more comfortable and stable than the Steve Madden Stecy (Stuart Weitzman knock off) sandals that everyone was wearing before.


I now have these in black and love them. They are on sale right now on Nordstrom’s website so get them now while they are reduced!



I picked out my first pumpkin of the season last week and placed it carefully at my front door. No sooner had I turned my back was it toppled over and being rolled around by the dogs. They LOVED it and probably thought I had brought it home just for them.

These pups are not yet one year old and it hasn’t occurred to me that they had not seen a pumpkin before. They were completely fascinated!



On Thursday  of last week I received the best kind of email ever. It was from Ann Taylor and it said 50% off and free shipping.


As I mentioned in my Treat Yo Self List this month, I have had my eyes on a few tops from Ann Taylor and now was the time to strike! My shopping cart changed a few times and I ultimately purchased 3 great tops that are sure to be staples in my work wardrobe.

I purchased this Essential Popover top in both winter white and black for only $25.00 each! They were originally $49.99, which isn’t steep, but I still saved a bundle on two tops I was going to buy at some point anyway.


I also purchased this Shirred V-Neck Shell for $34.75 that was originally $69.50.

This was a pretty big sale. The website was having all sorts of issues when I was trying to shop, but I guess that’s what happens when you throw a really great sale!