I got the matte black iPhone 7 instead of the gold this time and I really like that it’s less flashy. I also selected basic accessories that I have tried and loved in the past.
These are my go to phone case items:

Tech Armor Screen Protector:


I have seen so many people break their glass screen protectors and I don’t see why people continue to buy them. I bought this Tech Armor screen protector for my iPhone 6 two years ago and apart from a few scratches to the protective screen, I never had any issues and didn’t need to reapply it. The Verizon man tried to sell me on the other kind, but I’m sticking by this product, because it has served me well. It’s also CHEAP at only $5.95 from Amazon!

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case:


I purchased this case for my iPhone 6 and really enjoyed it. I had the clear one last time so that the gold phone would be fully visible. This time I’m going with a smoky case. My phone is black so it shouldn’t really matter, but I like to be able to see through the case a bit. It’s just a personal preference. I have had one of these cases chip at the edges, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. I am very careful with my phones and often go without a case, but because my phone is so new, I do want to protect it. This case is $34.99 on Amazon.


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