I usually go nuts on Cyber Monday, but this year I just didn’t see anything I wanted, but I did find a couple of things I needed. Now that it has turned cold where I live, I realized that I am short on long pajamas!

J.Crew has the best PJ bottoms because they make them LONG! Their regular pajama bottom length has a 32 inch inseam! That’s a dream for someone like me who has long suffered with short pajamas. I had been pairing my short pajamas with tall socks and I would tuck the ends into the socks to keep my ankles warm.


I purchased “Pajama Pant in Festive Plaid Cotton Poplin” (that name is too long if you ask me) for $29.70. Their original price was $49.50.


I also purchased this “Dreamy Pant” (much shorter name) for $33.00. The original price was $55.00.

Because these pajamas are long enough, I don’t have to get them in such a large size for the length and then cinch them in so much just to get them to stay on.


These make excellent gifts you guys! Hint Hint…


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