This blog has basically turned into an open love letter to J.Crew and I’m fine with that.


Here’s something else that I love… THIS TOP!ย Originally $69.50, I picked this top up on sale for $24.99. I had been watching this top on the J.Crew website for a long time and almost bought it a few times. I’m sure glad I waited!

I wait ages before buying anything. If I can’t get it on sale, then it’s not meant to be. It’s a rare thing indeed when I pay for something full price.



I haven’t purchased a pair of blue jeansย in over a year. Owning only two pairs of jeans means they get worn out pretty quick. I have taken care of them, but it’s time to add another pair to the line up.

I went to the mall early this morning after an eye appointment to knock around until my eyes readjusted after being dilated and was enjoying the Christmas windows when I clapped eyes on this mannequin in the J.Crew window. I loved the jacket, but I really loved the jeans.


I have never purchased ripped jeans before just on principle, but I really liked these jeans. Because I have never owned ripped jeans, I stuck my foot straight through the hole like an idiot the first time I put them on, but then I found that they are very comfortable.ย I purchased these in 28T and they cover my ankle. I think this mannequin must be wearing a petite/short size for the ankle skimmer look. Though I like the shorter look on the mannequin, I like having the extra inches on my own jeans.

These jeans were originally $125.00 but I picked them up online for just $87.50! I love J.Crew sales!