For some reason, I have a hard time letting go of scarves. This includes scarves I have never worn or have only worn once. I don’t even wear scarves that often and cannot explain this attachment. I am finally letting go of a few and will be parting with more soon.

These four scarves are available for purchase through my Poshmark page. I haven’t worn any one of them more than a few times and they are all machine washable and in excellent shape! Check them out now!



I have heard a lot about the Drybar and have seen their storefronts in New York, but I hadn’t tried their products or services before I received this gift for Christmas from my sister.


This is such a great kit. I love this folding hair dryer. It’s perfect for travel. The clips and brush are great too. The best part of this kit is the mini dry shampoo and conditioner. I have tried dry shampoo in the past and have had mixed results, but I am here to tell you that Drybar’s dry shampoo is amazing. It works every time and is effortless. I have never tried dry conditioner before, but I like using it on the tips of my hair after straightening. It keeps my hair from looking too dry.

Drybar has so many nice kits that make excellent gifts. If you have a Drybar near you, I would encourage you to check it out. They really do have a quality product.


Grandma was right. Cutco knives are the best.


I always remember my grandmother having Cutco knives hanging by a magnet high above the counter in her kitchen and I also remember the ridges that appeared in the carrots and other vegetables she so lovingly prepared using her impressive collection of knives. I say impressive because she had many, and I now know how much those babies cost!

My dad had given me a couple of old Cutco knives about 5 years ago and they were in terrible shape. I’m not sure why I held onto them exactly, as both had been badly sharpened by my dad and one was missing its tip entirely, but I’m so glad I did.

For Christmas this year, my grandmother gave me a pair of beautiful white Cutco shears and a knife. I have fallen in love with that knife. It was when I first used the new knife that I remembered that I had two other Cutco knives hiding in a drawer. The little booklet that came with the scissors and knife said that Cutco knives can be sent back any time for free sharpening. I sent them in the mail shortly after and when I told my grandmother what I was doing, she told me that they will probably send me a new knife to replace the one that was missing a tip.

I received my knives back in the mail today after about a week and they did replace my broken knife. I’m ecstatic! I wish that I had taken a before picture, but here is a photo of my repaired knives. The smaller one is style 1721 (the same as my new white knife) and the larger one is style 1729, both in the original color.


I have a beautiful set of Wusthof knives that I have so enjoyed, but these Cutco knives are the new A team in my kitchen.

Something I am definitely going to do from now on is keep my eye out for Cutco knives when I’m in second hand stores like Goodwill (if they sell knives) because now that I know that they can be sent in and sharpened, that would be an awesome way to pick up a few more knives that will stand the test of time.

Also, my longer knife has a manufacture date on it… It’s from 1989! It’s as old as I am! How great is that!


My sister has been shopping on ASOS for years now and I just never got on to it like she did. It was a major sale that opened my eyes to the great finds on this site.

I have been looking for a couple cute new sweaters to mix up my winter wardrobe and I found two that I really love and the prices can’t be beat!

ASOS Sweater with Moving Rib: Originally $53.00. Purchased for $26.50.

River Island Roll Neck Tabbard: Originally $49.00. Purchased for $29.00.

I spent a total of $55.50 and the shipping was free!
Both of these sweaters are still available. Check out the ASOS website for these and other great deals!


If you are getting a new puppy. This is something you need for the very first night you bring puppy home. I didn’t have one at first and wish that I had known about this sooner. Snuggle Puppy has made a big difference in how much sleep puppy and I get at night.


Yes, it looks dumb but it works! Snuggle puppy is a little bigger than my puppy right now but he loves it. You place a heat pack (hot hands are cheaper) in it each night and the little heart beat simulator and puppy gravitates right to it. It makes puppy feel like it is snuggled up with its litter. They come in multiple colors and I purchased the black Suggle Puppy since my dog is mostly black. They are around $35.00-40.00, but well worth it for peaceful sleep!

My puppy wasn’t too keen on his crate before Snuggle Puppy entered the picture. Now he goes to the crate all by himself! This is one product where you have to check out the reviews. The photos tell it all!


I’m breaking up the puppy posts with one about stationary.
Gifts in 24 (Embossed Graphics) is running promotion of buy one box of stationary for yourself and get one free for someone else… or just buy one get one free for yourself.


I jumped on this deal earlier this week not knowing how long the deal would last.

California Framed Monogram Note: My sister ordered this set once before and I thought it was beautiful. This is a casual set for day to day correspondence.

Whitlock Monogram Note: I ordered this set with and added boarder for more formal communications. I just love this style of monogram.

All in all I spent $56.95 and zero shipping. This sale ends tomorrow so if you are in need of a fresh set of stationary (or two!) , hop on this great deal while it lasts!


I accidentally bought a mammoth play pen for my house so that puppy wouldn’t have to be confined to the crate if I had to leave him at home. It turns out that bigger is better!

a17qnzjrozl-_sl1500_This huge playpen was purchased on Amazon and it is AWESOME. I paid so little for it and was surprised to receive such a quality product that was so simple to assemble. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but I chose white. I wish I would have ordered it in green or grey. When I put it together and then glanced at my tiny puppy, I thought I had way overshot the puppy to playpen ratio. Really it ended up being perfect! I can easily fit his crate, food bowls and a couple of pee pads inside with additional room to play. This is a game changing purchase. When I made my purchase, the price was only $42.39. That’s the price of most small dog crates!

Now we’re getting fancy! (My dog is going to be spoiled rotten!)
Crates aren’t cute and in the winter, they can be a bit cold and this will kelp keep puppy warm. I also wanted to make puppy’s crate more appealing as we work on his separation anxiety at night. The reviews for this product are pretty glowing and the price is hard to beat! The crate cover was $24.99 and the bed was $21.99. These are really very nice and so affordable! They also come in grey and navy. Check it out!

End Note: As you are ordering items on Amazon, please consider ordering through rather than By doing so you can generate donations to your charity of choice just by buying things you were going to already!