Training puppy begins day 1 and I have purchased some tools to help me along the way.

I have some experience in clicker training animals and am keen to use that method again. I found this great package on Amazon (shocker, I know) and it has a lot of basics. I placed one bell set on my door at work and one on my door at home. Puppy doesn’t quite understand that the bells are a cute to go outside, but he sure does love playing with them!  Poop baggies are great for work and public places. If you have a free roaming back yard for your dog, then you may want to consider keeping this in your car for travel. I don’t really have a use for the whistle yet, but considering the breed of my dog is Australian Shepherd. I amy try my hand at a little more training with that tool later on. This kit is only $10.99 and has free shipping for Prime members. That’s such a good deal!

Another great item that Amazon has for puppy training are these Amazon Basics puppy pads. I have been ordering these for my mom’s aging maltese and it’s the best deal in town. $11.87 for 50 pads is pretty great. I haven’t seen them that low in any store. You can also subscribe so they just appear at your door! My new puppy does just about all of his urgent inside business on them already and it’s only been a few days. We still go outside every hour on the hour just to check and see if puppy needs to go, but sometimes puppies just can’t wait an hour. Puppy pads to the rescue!

End Note: As you are ordering items on Amazon, please consider ordering through smile.amazon.com rather than amazon.com. By doing so you can generate donations to your charity of choice just by buying things you were going to already!


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